Highlights and Qualifications
• Excellent communication skills
• Professional display set up experience
• Successful in retail sales
• Skilled in solicitation
• Excellent customer service
• Recipient of The Source’s Personal Sales Excellence Award

Work Experience

Games Workshop Ottawa, Ontario 2006-2007
Retail Salesman
• Dealt directly with customers by helping them with product selection and knowledge.
• Developed hobby related skills in others who were new to Games Workshop.
• Promoted the company’s various products.

More Flowers Ottawa, Ontario 2007-2009
Warehouse Worker / Retail Salesman
• Prepared flowers for sale and display on a market stand.
• Sold arrangements and accessory items on the Byward Market.

The Source Ottawa, Ontario 2010-2011
Retail Salesman
• Troubleshot various home electronic issues clients brought up.
• Vast product knowledge and at home study was required.
• Sold and promoted Bell TV, cell phone and internet packages.
• Experience in cash registry operation and all standard retail store operations.

References Available Upon Request


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